On August 2, 2010, thanks to two retired Lower Township Police Officers, Bob Martin and Jack Trombetta the  Cape May County Sheriff’s office will officially activate FLASHbrief, a 20 Second or less notification service to provide Cape May emergency officials the ability to send nearly instant, emergency or advisory alerts to every Internet FLASHbrief connected computer anywhere in the county, state and world in less than 20 seconds while simultaneously disseminating the message through email and text messaging if necessary, depending on the service selected.  The speed of delivery to cellular units is based on individual carrier policies.

Cape May County Sheriff Gary Schaffer said, “After researching various systems in the marketplace, we discovered that there was no faster way to notify individuals, via computer to computer, of a relevant non-emergency advisory or impending emergency than this system. With the additional simultaneous transmission through email and text based mobile platforms, we get the best of both worlds; nearly instant computer to computer notification with the redundancy of cellular email and or text notification.”

These alerts will appear on your computer screen even if you have a pop up blocker in use.  If your computer is turned off, the alerts will appear once you restart your computer. A relevant non-emergency advisory will appear in green on your screen and an impending emergency will appear in red. There are also two separate tones associated with each alert.

Jack Trombetta is also a local business owner and high school teacher.  Bob Martin is a principle with a worldwide systems security provider and law enforcement instructor.   The two partners, since working with the Lower Township Police Department, felt that they were in a position to give something back to the residents of Cape May County, New Jersey.  They are donating the FLASHbrief system to the Cape May County Sheriff’s office for implementation.

About FLASHbrief, LLC

FLASHbrief a division of Critical Systems Security Group headquartered in Orlando, Florida and is comprised of software and network security experts, former military and nationwide law enforcement, local, county, state and federal investigators. Critical Systems Security Group is fully committed to mass alert notification technology and the war against terror and is constantly striving to bring innovative products to the marketplace.

To sign up for these notifications go the Cape May County sheriff’s Website at and click on the flash brief section. Follow the prompts to fill out the registration. There is no cost for this program and you can also remove your registration at any point.