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The Super Spectacular Random Spring Backyard Giveaway

Its BACK! You could have a chance to win a ton of great prizes again this year on May 10th with the Super Spectacular Random Spring Backyard Giveaway. Just listen in for that Super Spectacular Sounder and be the correct caller you could win a Hot Tub from Klenswite Pool & Spa or a ton of other great prizes! Check out the list below!

  • A Gazebo from All City Construction; call 522-5458, Now hiring construction workers visit us at

“The Office Olympics”: Where teamwork could your work crew Primo Hoagies!

Here’s a work project you’ll actually WANT to do: The Office Olympics, Wednesday at 8:35am on 98-7 the Coast!

We’ll solicit calls from hungry workers. If you’re our contestant,  find the two smartest people in your office to join you … as you all play as a team to win a tray of hoagies from Primo Hoagies of Rio Grande!

You answer all the questions, then everyone wins and celebrates with the Primo Hoagie tray, delivered to you by Mark and Mark!

So come up with your team, strategize a game plan, and get ready to call Wednesday morning for the “Office Olympics” on 98-7 the Coast!

The “Coast Grab Bag”: where the only guarantee is you’ll win something awesome!

Join Mark and Mark in the Morning for the “Coast Grab Bag”. At any time we could spin the wheel to determine what game we’ll be playing. It could be trivia, guessing titles of movies or songs, 5-in-10, Dead Or Alive or something else completely off the wall! But it’s ALWAYS your chance for a great prize… you could win a gift card, Coast swag, lottery or concert tickets and more.

Keep listening for your chance to win with the “Coast Grab Bag” with Mark and Mark in the Morning!