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A local doctor’s appeal will not be heard in the Supreme Court regarding what type of information can be used. The Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office has announced that the appeal by Dr. John Costino will not be heard in the state’s Supreme Court. The appeal regarded the Appellate Division’s decision to permit the jury to hear six recorded conversations between him and an undercover officer posing as an exotic dancer. The conversations were about painkillers and recordings of other conversations. Trial is tentatively scheduled for March 2011.


Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel

Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel

A Superior Court Judge sentenced a 72-year-old Atlantic City man to 50 and ½ years in prison for the 2008 slaying of a Gloucester County married father of three and for causing an injury to another man, Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel announced.
Jose Aleman was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the murder of Pong H. Yu, of which the defendant would have to serve 33 years, four months and 10 days in prison before parole eligibility for the April 24, 2008 shooting death of Yu, of Gloucester County, 59, of Washington Township. In addition, Aleman must serve a consecutive term of 18 months in prison for injuring Carlos Smith, 80, of Hammonton, and nine years in prison for possession of a weapon by a convicted person, of which he must serve five years before parole eligibility, which will run consecutively to the other crimes. In total, Aleman must serve just under 39 years in prison before parole eligibility.
Aleman addressed the court. He said that he was ill with Cancer and the victim owed him money.


Someone has won the $140 million lottery jackpot. A winning Mega Millions ticket was sold in Michigan. Lottery officials announced that after a month plus of no one winning the top prize, a winning ticket has been sold for the drawing that took place on Friday. The winning numbers were 4, 19, 26, 28, and 39. The Mega Ball was 14. A Powerball drawing will be held tonight for $87 million.


Avalon Police continue their investigation into several burglaries this month that resulted in forced entries into homes. Burglars have been targeting various electronics items inside these properties, including flat screen televisions.

“We want to advise the public that these burglaries have taken place in Avalon, and remind residents and homeowners to make sure their properties are secure”, said Avalon Police Chief David Dean. “Our neighbors in Stone Harbor have experienced similar types of crimes much like those that have occurred here in Avalon”.

The burglaries began in Avalon on October 9th when a home located in the 600 block of Seventh Street had a burglar alarm activated during the early morning hours. Nothing was taken during this burglary because the alarm scared the perpetrator away. Last week, a local plumber discovered that a home experienced a forced entry burglary in the 100 block of 58th Street. Some homes located along the 5800 block of Ocean Drive were also broken into, with various electronics items being taken.

 The Avalon Police Department reminds residents and homeowners to take various measures to ensure the safety and security of their homes. They include:

 *Ensure burglar alarms are in working order, and turned on

 *Lock all doors and windows when possible

*Keep an eye on neighbors’ properties, especially those that are unoccupied

*Report any suspicious activity immediate to the Avalon Police Department


Numbers are flying around in Lower Township about how much needs to be cut from the budget. Deputy Mayor Kevin Lare called it “reckless” to release that $400,000 needs to be removed by the Lower Township Police Department for next year’s budget. Lare said the numbers are unsubstanited and he has asked for paperwork to prove it. Over the past few weeks, he has yet to receive numbers that back up that figure. Lare appeared on The Morning Wake Up and noted how much the police department has come to the table already.


A United States Senator wants to look into the cancellation of the ARC tunnel project. Gov. Chris Christie ended the project this week saying the state can’t afford the cost overruns associated with the work. Senator Frank Lautenberg was a firm supporter of the tunnel and is going to do an investigation into it being cancelled. He says it will hurt New Jersey down the road, especially because it is giving up such a huge federal award for the project.


150px-United_States_Department_of_the_Army_Seal_svgA solider serving overseas from New Jersey was killed this week. Sgt. Michael D. Kirspel was killed on Wednesday while fighting in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. According to published  reports, he was set to end his four years with the army in March. Kirspel graduated Hopatcong High School.


Lower_Township_PoliceOn Wed., Oct. 27 at approximately 12:30 p.m., Lower Township Police Officers rescued a man from a fresh water pond after the man had entered the water to assist animal control officers in capturing a swan that had been tangled in fishing line.

Lower Township Animal Control Officer Steven Parker had been called to the campground earlier in an attempt to capture a large swan that had fishing line around its beak and wing.

Lake Laurie maintenance worker Joseph Tobin had entered the water to assist the animal control officer. Tobin stated that he underestimated how cold the water was and began to cramp up, however he was able to grab onto a float in the middle of the pond.

ACO Parker, then requested Police assistance at the scene,

Lower Township Police Officers, Sergeant John Chew, Corporal Edward Dougherty and Patrolman C. J. Ryan all responded to the campground.

Corporal Dougherty was able to reach the victim utilizing a rescue disc. The large orange disc that resembles a frisbee with yellow floating rope wrapped around it, has been carried in Lower Township Police cars since 1998.

Lower Township Police Chief Edward Donohue praised the efforts of his Officers rioting that Corporal Dougherty was able to make a perfect throw of the device, which the victim was able to grab onto after which Police Officers pulled him to shore with the assistance of ACO Parker.

Chief Donohue noted that Corporal Dougherty has submitted his retirement papers and will go out on leave shortly with his last day of work being sometime in early November,

“I can’t think of a better way to end your career than by saving someone’s life,” Donohue stated.

Tobin was treated at the scene by Lower Township Rescue Squad, but refused transportation to the hospital.